VTS Advanced Practicum - November 2016, 11, 12 and 13

The Advanced Practicum extends VTS practice with further coaching and exercises focused on improving paraphrasing and linking. Additional attention is paid to image selection to address the needs and interests of various groups as understood by way of Abigail Housen's stages. Participants will be able to conduct VTS discussions with a variety of audiences with confidence. Spoken language: English.
Vrijdag 11 november 2016 t/m Zondag 13 november 2016
Teachers, museum educational workers, psychologists, speech therapists, doctors and medical students who participated in the Beginners Practicum
Reade revalidatie en reumatologie, Overtoom 283, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
750 euro, lunch is included

Trainer: René ter Horst

1.     You must have participated in a VTS Practicum for beginners.

2.     You must have a minimum of ten hours of VTS teaching to qualify for admission.

3.     You must submit a video tape of yourself leading a VTS image discussion to indicate a level of proficiency.


1.     First, submitting a short video (5-7 minutes) of you facilitating a VTS discussion. You can send this video to: VTS@reade.nl You can also send the video as a file or as a link (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo). We are not looking for a cinematic masterpiece! A video taken with your phone will work (5-7 minutes is great). This is just to give us a sense of your ability to lead a VTS image discussion.
2.     Once you submit the video and are approved, you will receive a link for registering for the workshop via email.